Tuesday, April 27, 2010

D.C. photo shoot

At the beginning of April, my husband and I took a wonderful trip to Washington D.C. I had never been there or anywhere back East, for that matter, so I was pretty excited. We were there for 8 glorious days, but the best part is that we left our kids here in Albuquerque!







While we were there, we were able to stay a few nights with my dear friend Sara and here cute family. We have been friends since before we were even old enough to be friends! As a thank you for putting us up while we were there I did a photo shoot for her of her kids! I must add that her kids are gorgeous, just like their mother!


Her oldest son was less than excited for the photo shoot. A funny story about him. Before we had the photo session and while we waited for the light to get just right, Mitch and I went to Arlington Cemetery and the Iwo Jima Memorial.

As we were leaving, her oldest son asked, “Are you guys leaving for the airport?”


I answered, “No, we’re going sightseeing and then we will be back to take some pictures of you guys.”



He, rolled his eyes and said, a bit annoyed, “You can just get some pictures of us from my mom!” 








I just chuckled and said, “Actually, I am taking pictures of you FOR your mom!”  





trey270pwbw After much coercion and silliness, we were able to capture some nice shots of Trey.







Next up were Ian and Elly. These two have a special place in my heart. They were so precious! One night at dinner they both wanted to sit next to me. After about a minute the “discussion” got pretty loud and slightly argumentative. Their dad had already asked them to stop arguing, so finally they both were banned from sitting next to me at dinner! It was so sweet that they both wanted to sit by me so badly! I just love kids!




ook at those blue eyes! Stunning, aren’t they?




Little Miss Elly. She is the only girl amongst all these boys. Give her a few years and she will be breaking hearts left and right!



The eyes!!



And, then, of course, we have the sweet little Marcus! I just wanted to eat him up the whole time we were there!







Monday, December 7, 2009

i love this tooshie!



this cute little tooshie helped me win a spot in the top ten in last weeks i {heart} faces challenge. i was honored that my photo was selected out of the 465 photo entries.


i must say, though, it is a pretty stinkin’ cute bum!




Sunday, November 29, 2009

for carly ~ 1st birthday


carly turned one and for her birthday she had a letter party. each of the kids got a white t-shirt with the first letter of their name on it. for lunch they had chicken nuggets and tater tots in the shape of letters. for dessert, a cupcake with the first letter of their name on top and carly’s cake was a big letter “c”. the whole party was adorable, but not nearly as adorable as carly! and are those eyes just the most beautiful blue you’ve ever seen? i’d venture to say, “yes!”


Thursday, November 26, 2009

for janene







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Friday, November 13, 2009

for janene {sneek peek}







Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Contact Mahina

I am based in Albuquerque, NM and also serve the surrounding areas.

To contact me you can send an email to MahinaMasonPhotography@gmail{dot}com,

OR you can call me at 505-974-fifty-ten.

I look forward to hearing from you, soon!


details, details

I am currently working on building my photography portfolio and need wonderful, beautiful people like you to fill it up.

I am a natural light, on location, lifestyle photographer. I love to capture moments in time and turn them into beautiful memories to cherish. I want to capture YOU being YOU -- crazy, fun-loving, creative, happy, silly, contemplative, beautiful, imperfect, real YOU. I want to capture the connections you share with those you love.

When you show up come as you are. Be Real. Be Relaxed. Be in Love. Be Happy. Be Simple. Be YOU.

My portfolio pricing is what I am currently charging. This price will be available until I feel my portfolio is sufficient for my needs. Pricing is subject to change at any point. Until then, enjoy my portfolio pricing.


Your session includes:
  • a 1-2 hour shoot on location
  • approximately 20-35 digitally enhanced photos in an online gallery
  • CD with 5 high resolution images with copyright release to print as you choose (more may be purchased at an additional charge)
  • print packages are also available


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